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FREE Bitcoin




 - Best earner with or without an upgrade. If you upgrade you get paid more per ad, and you get more from your referral's clicks. Referrals are available to rent, but they go quickly. A great thing about advertising on this site is that your ad is put into an archived list. This is excellent if you need a backlink for your own personal website. 



 - Great earner with a low cash out of 0.000544 BTC. This is a quality bitcoin PTC site, and is highly recommended. There have been more ads lately as well.



 - Brand new bitcoin paid to click. You can also earn from their offerwalls. This is a great earner, if you want to get referrals now is the time to do it. 



 - Visit a website for 10 seconds, and earn instant bitcoin payments to your microwallet. The same wallet many of the faucets use. 

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Get Paid To



 - Site you can use to display text, called pastes. You are paid on the views of these pastes, either in paypal or bitcoin. You can use this to advertise a website(s), make a blog, or anything else you can think of, and get paid at the same time. You will be given your own domain name as well. The more visitors you have the more you make. ****No payment proof****  



 Many different ways to earn such as crowdflower, watching videos, and offerwalls. This site offers many different cryptocoins to cash out with, bitcoins, litecoins, namecoins, gaia cash, imvu credits, stardollars, dogecoins and secondlife linden dollars. 



 - Now you can earn bitcoins when you book hotel reservations around the world. You can also be boring and earn points for a wide range of other things, such as frequent flyer miles, best buy points, and much more. We will both earn 250 points if you use my referral link. ****No payment proof until I make a hotel reservation****



 - Ultimate GPT sitenow paying out in bitcoin. 6000 hulk coins equals 0.005 BTC. Earn hulk coins by completing offers, doing surveys, watching TV, shopping, tasks, playing games, using their search engine, referring others, installing apps on your cell phone, and much more. This is one of best GPT sites online. 



 - Complete tasks, offers, and watch videos for bitcoins. Just enter your bitcoin address, there is no need for your email address at all. It will pay you daily, and no to need to cash out because it's automatic. I mostly watch the videos, but the tasks are usually easy to complete as well. If you don't get the videos to credit, try clearing your cache. 



 - Shorten your links and start making bitcoins. This is perfect if you spend time on forums, in chat rooms, or you own your own website. 



 - Earn bitcoins by completing tasks, offers, watching videos and much more. There is a 0.00005 sign up bonus, and you get a daily log in bonus. The site is brand new so now is the time to get referrals. 



 - Submit and/or review bitcoin related websites for Jabber Points. Every time you review a site you get 10 Jabber Points, if you submit a new site you get 35 Jabber Points.  These points can then be redeemed for bitcoin. 1250 Jabber Points will get you 0.01 BTC. This is an excellent resource and a good way to earn bitcoin. 



 - Earn bitcoin by making a telephone call, it works best with a landline or with unlimited minutes on a cell phone. Basically you call a number and put in your PIN, and then you listen to music. The following countries are supported: Austria, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, UK, Ukraine, and the USA. 

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Traffic Exchange 



 - Bitcoin based traffic exchange. Earn credits by surfing, the credits can then be used to advertise the bitcoin related website of your choice. A downline builder will also help you grow your referrals with different sites. It's also a great way to earn bitcoins as well, because many bitcoin faucets are in the traffic exchange. 



 - Bitcoin based traffic exchange, run by the same admin as the traffic exchange above, BitcoinBlizzard. This site is an improvement though, because you can earn with a paid to click section.  ****No payment proof****






 - High quality bitcoin wallet. If you live in the USA it can be used to purchase bitcoins after verifying your bank account and phone number. This wallet also acts more like online banking, it can be used to set up scheduled payments.         



Cloud Mining



 - Bitcoin Commodity Exchange. It is the modern way to mine bitcoin by hashing in the cloud. You can trade hashes in their market, or hold on to them and let them mine bitcoin for you. The real money can come from trading if you do it right, always try to buy low and sell high. If you put in an order to sell, your gh/s will keep mining until it's sold.  My strategy is to reinvest half of my profit and buy more hashing power, along with trading if I know I can profit. 



 - Mine bitcoins without buying mining equipment or the electricity. Deposit bitcoins and then the owners use them to purchase more mining equipment. Currently it shows a long break even point, but this will go down after old accounts are paid off and new technology comes online hopefully. 



 - Gambling site with dice that lets you invest your bitcoins. I would imagine a casino would be turning a profit. The minimum that you are allowed to invest is 0.01 BTC. You can withdraw your bitcoin at any time. 




Bitcoin Games



 - Play games, watch videos, complete offers and tasks for tremor coins. Use these tremor coins in the tremor reward area for prizes or bitcoins. This site pays fast and well, especially if you do the offers. 



 - Strategy game where you build a town from a small village into a profitable gold mining city. This gold can be used to build your town, and you can also sell it in the game's market for bitcoin or fiat currency. 



 - Multiplayer skill based games with bitcoin. It features many classic board games with a bitcoin theme, you can play for free or with a bitcoin wager. This is excellent if you want meet up with a friend to play a game online.                                                   




You only need your bitcoin address to collect your winnings.

Always make sure you bookmark the site after you make a deposit. 



 - Gambling site with dice that lets you invest your bitcoins. I would imagine a casino would be turning a profit. The minimum that you are allowed to invest is 0.01 BTC. You can withdraw your bitcoin at any time. 



 - Best odds ever of a dice game or any casino really. House edge is only 0.1%. You cannot get better odds than this gambling on any website or physical casino on the planet. 



 - Game just like minesweeper, but you can bet bitcoin. The more mines you avoid the higher your payout. Just don't get yourself blown up or you will lose your bet, but you can also play for free as well. My secret strategy is to play only one mine at a time, and then only one tile. This way your chances of getting blown up is only one out of twenty-five. Make sure you cash out when ahead! 



 - Play video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno or slots. They have at least a 99.5% expected return on all games, much better than Las Vegas odds.  





 - The ultimate faucet. There is no captcha to solve, and you earn four different coins daily, without having to login to the site. Not only that, you earn from referrals levels that go seven levels deep! More features will be coming as well. ****No payment proof****



 - You can get free 0.00023 BTC by verifying your cell phone number. By doing this you also agree to receive two text messages a month from bitcoin related advertisers. 



 - You enter in your email address and bitcoin address to receive 0.0001 BTC at 6 PM EST. It requires you to confirm your email address, but I just entered one I seldom use. Visit their sponsors to support the site. 



 - Solve a captcha and get a small amount of bitcoin. You can visit this faucet every six hours. 



 - This site lets you conveniently surf through many bitcoin faucets. I like how it tells you how many satoshi are remaining and the number of faucets coming up.

 - Bitcoin faucet and a free casino all rolled into one. You can either bank your bitcoins, or you can take a chance to multiply them by playing their Hi-Lo game. Dispenses are hourly, payments are made every Monday. 








 - Ad network that accepts and pays users in bitcoins. They use CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads. This is an excellent way to make income if you own your website. 



Reddit - forum



 - Make bitcoin by getting tipped in the forum, also you can return the favor to others. This link explains how.



 - Beg for bitcoin by offering little jobs, or you can plead your case on why you deserve bitcoin if you are in need.



 - Find a job that is being offered for bitcoin, or if you need one done you can hire out